Telecommuting may be a huge challenge, but with Eureka Intranet your business can now benefit from an intelligent solution that will automatically handle your projects in just a few clicks.

Eureka Intranet is built on Microsoft SharePoint and leverages a modern, practical design, and interface utilizing tools such as Power Automate which allows your employees to manage and track project progress remotely.

How it Works

Project Center is easy to use as it holds all information regarding your projects’ profiles and their standing. See the photo below for the Project Center’s dashboard in a desktop view. 

In the Project Center, you can easily see projects and their status. At a glance, you can see which projects are scheduled for completion and who the Project Manager assigned to each task is.

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Click the View Form button to see the project information.

Creating New Project Requests

Create new Projects by clicking on the New Project button and provide all the necessary information.

Once complete hit Submit for Approval.

Using the Filter

Search a specific project name or project ID by using the filter.

Project Center Using a Mobile App

Here is how the Project Center looks on mobile.

The Project Center helps you conveniently and effectively monitor projects whilst working remotely.

Now that you know how the Project Center can help you, ask for a demonstration and see how we can help your business further.

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