It’s 5 p.m. and you’re at the pub with your mates when suddenly you realize you forgot to do your timesheet. Do you race back to the office or get flack on Monday? Well, worry no more, with Eureka Intranet’s timesheet module that’s built into SharePoint Online you can now quickly enter your timesheet wherever you are.

Organizing Tasks and Filling in Timesheets

Team Members

To add tasks, give it a name, type, start and end dates, and assign it yourself to keep track of your working week or delegate to the responsible person.

To reconcile your weekly hours, you can modify time spent here.

You can only edit in draft status, once submitted you cannot.

Team Managers

Managers, you can track hours, time off, and statutory holidays all within a convenient dashboard. Managers with admin role can also add tasks for themselves or other members.

Other admin roles include:

  • approve or reject the submitted timesheets
  • add, delete, rename task types
  • add, delete, rename user profiles

Managing Task Type

Managing User Profiles

Explore Simple Timesheets by contacting us here with your enquiries and to request a demonstration.

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