You want to make your onboarding process automated, paperless, cost-saving, and accessible. Here is how.

Saving time and streamlining the process goes a long way towards making the HR department more efficient and cost-effective. You can do this by providing them an intelligent tool that easily handles repetitive onboarding tasks such as filling in forms for new starters, holiday application requests, etc.

Eureka Intranet provides a system designed to automate multiple HR processes. Daily tasks become streamlined, organized, and accessible to users with relevant permission, saving time from unnecessary communications and file searching.

How Onboarding Works with Eureka

Your new onboarding system houses all important files that HR personnel need to access. HR managers can easily check employee files, onboarding tasks, task logs, and all other necessary data about the onboarding process with just a few clicks.

The Landing Page

The benefits are:

  • managers can easily check which tasks are assigned to each department
  • see which tasks are in progress
  • see which tasks are waiting to be started and which are completed
  • search for information relating to company employees quickly and easily
  • documents are downloadable and shareable
  • documents are accessible online and offline

See Status of Tasks

Instantly Sort Files

See Your Standard Onboarding Tasks

Easily Share Documents

Contact us for a demonstration and discover how to streamline your HR Department with Eureka Intranet by clicking this link.

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