Your business requires forms that are unique to your requirements. Having these forms pre-built and readily available save time doing repetitive tasks and can be made available to everyone via the business hub. These forms may include scholarship fund requests, expense requests, stationary requests, job application forms, etc. 

During the initial system setup of your Eureka, the forms can be customized and installed for you. If you need additional forms for any further requirements that become apparent, we can build and install them for a small additional cost. 

Custom Forms Example

Here’s how Eureka’s custom forms look like in the Employee Self-Service page.  

Custom Forms Work on Mobile Devices

Eureka Intranet’s custom forms work on all platforms and devices, so they are accessible for everyone, no matter where they are located.

Now that you know how custom forms can help your business, contact us for enquiries and a demonstration by clicking here.

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