What Are the Benefits of a Digital Workplace?

Companies around the world focus on transforming their physical workplace into a digital one. Organizations believe that a digital workplace will increase their collaboration, productivity, and revenues. What is a digital workplace and why do you need it right now?

What Is a Digital Workplace?

A digital workplace is the latest approach done by businesses to innovate and improve their current physical office setup. An enterprise corporate portal can be put simply as a virtual office that can be accessed by employees to effectively work anytime and from anywhere. All company data are stored in the cloud, and employees use the same online tools to effectively work together.

An enterprise workplace portal embraces all technologies used by the workforce to get the work done. It provides ease to do tasks that involve sending e-mails, accessing documents on company policies or leave requests, communicating with other employees using online tools, among other things.

How Does the Digital Workplace Change the Physical Workplace?

Today’s business world requires various applications, solutions, tools, and platforms to transact services instantly. This means that people need to step up the way they work, which means they need the latest devices to work productively. Companies now provide employees with devices and different applications to ensure consistent communication and effective collaboration even outside their offices.

The virtual workplace has encouraged workers to own or use multiple devices over the years. The ability to communicate, collaborate, and access information anytime provides employees a faster and convenient way to work. Having a corporate intranet brings benefits to businesses.

One example is accessing electronic forms from a central network. Employees can fill out e-forms using an intranet. Acquiring information from the cloud saves employees and companies time, money, and effort.

Here is a fact: there are over five billion people who have mobile devices as of 2019, according to the Pew Research Center survey this year.

Best Digital Workplace Platform

The best virtual workplace platform in the market is using an intranet. A corporate intranet offers access to a limited group of authorized users like employees of a company. A corporate intranet should give companies the ability to implement a paperless office, focusing on transforming business processes from using papers to digital workflows.

All these services can be found in Eureka, which is a smart intranet designed and built for all types of businesses. Eureka allows companies to exchange and manage content, knowledge, and applications to improve teamwork, seamlessly get information, and boost collaboration in the workforce.

A digital workplace's home page look as displayed on a Mac computer
Eureka’s homepage as displayed on a Mac computer.

Why Do Businesses Need a Digital Workplace?

The constant need to be flexible, independent, and able to work outside of the physical office is among the major reasons why companies are pursuing digital transformation. Business owners and stakeholders are investing their money to deploy a digital workplace to break communication barriers among employees and improve their processes.

A digital workplace provides workforce a great solution to work at a flexible time, use various applications and online tools for collaboration, and solving daily business problems. A digital workplace increases the chance of companies to grow their revenues, secure their data, encourage engagement, improve workflow efficiency, and provide better services to their clients on a global scale.

As the workplace transforms into digital, everyone in the company can speed up business processes and make crucial decisions, resulting in productive working relationships and excellent customer service.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Office 365

One way of appreciating the capabilities of an intranet is by using Microsoft Office 365, which offers a variety of intelligent and intuitive services and tools that the workforce can utilize across the organization. Working in the digital workplace requires a lot of online tools that will support employees to do their tasks intelligently and immediately.

Microsoft Office 365 (known as Microsoft 365 or Office 365) is a web-based version of Microsoft’s Office suite of enterprise-grade productivity applications. It is offered to users through the cloud and is acquired through a subscription for small and medium businesses, enterprise, and personal use.

Office 365 comes with desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more), communication tools (group chat, online meetings, and calling), email, automation of business processes, and protection from cyberthreats.

Best Productivity Tools to Leverage

Workforce needs great tools, which are offered in Microsoft Office 365, to be productive at work. Tools like OneDrive for file storage, SharePoint Online for document management and storage system, Power BI for business analytics, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business for instant messaging and video calling, and a lot more.

One good tool is Microsoft To-Do, which allows the workforce to manage tasks from a smartphone, computer, and tablet. It is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, which makes it easier to manage all tasks in one place. To-Do is available for free and syncs across different devices like iPhone and Windows 10.

Let us talk about another productivity tool, which is PowerPoint. First of all, employees can use PowerPoint to present data for meetings, industry talks, and business proposals. Second, PowerPoint provides employees convenience in building slideshows or complicated presentations. Third, PowerPoint offers various templates to choose from. Lastly, PowerPoint presentations are downloadable and shareable.

These are just some of the applications that employees can leverage in Office 365. With an Office 365 subscription, companies can already access all the applications and services they need for their businesses.

How to Choose a Digital Workplace Solution?

Deploying a digital workplace is quite tricky if companies have limited information about it. Companies must consider different factors in choosing a digital workplace solution. To achieve a digital workplace, companies should look for a smart intranet like Eureka.

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss how companies should choose a digital workplace solution. First, companies must assess their needs. Second, they should look for vendors who will provide them the best solution. Third, they must consider the impact of the latest technologies to the workforce. Fourth, the testing phase of a corporate intranet must be documented to determine a successful transition in the future. The company must get feedback from employees about their digital workplace experience.

A digital workplace solution is expensive. Therefore, the cost must also be looked into.

Research can also aid companies in deciding which solution can address their concerns. In addition, a digital workplace solution must also allow employees to work wherever they are—online or offline.

Who Will Benefit the Digital Workplace?

Transitioning from a physical workplace to a digital workplace can benefit a lot of job functions like in Human Resources, IT, Marketing, and other departments in the organization. A digital workplace allows employees to independently fill out e-forms for leave requests on an intranet.

Here is an example of how officers from the Human Resources department can benefit from a digital workplace. First, HR officers can now easily publish, modify, and share documents of company policies, training, benefits, and other important information. Second, HR personnel will have easy access to employees’ profiles. Third, training for newcomers can now be done virtually with the help of Office 365 applications. Most importantly, HR officers can do their jobs digitally.

One way of acquiring an intranet is by using the Eureka, which is customizable. Eureka is responsive in all devices and gives the best user experience even to those who are nontechnical. Employees can easily log in to an intranet to have access to information they need to work productively. You can experience this corporate intranet for as low as $1,000 a month. You may request a demo by clicking this link.