You will cry out Eureka! when you experience our intranet. It's that good See Eureka Intranet in action. Client-Support-Laptop-and-Mobile

    See Eureka Intranet in Action

      DO MORE!

      Works Anytime, From Anywhere From Any Device

      This ready-to-go intranet is affordable and configurable, allowing you to simplify your business processes.

      Not just another Intranet – Have your Eureka moment

      Achieve more with add-ons so that you can automate repetitive onboarding processes, showcase professional care to customers, efficiently manage contacts, and virtually provide recognition.

      Explore these add-ons
      Eureka Intranet HR Addon
      Eureka Intranet Cost Effective

      Quick Deployment and Cost-Effective

      Get your intranet virtually ready to go, so you don’t need to wait for months of deployment. Get clear, straightforward pricing, structure, and no expected costs.

      Fully Scalable and Configurable

      Scalable solutions to suits companies of all sizes and complexity. Choose your module and add your logo as well as colors to keep your brand consistent.
      Eureka Intranet configurable
      Eureka Intranet Microsoft Teams

      Full Integration into Microsoft Teams

      Improve collaboration and business communication by utilizing Office 365 tools. Access your network from all devices while enjoying a high-quality user-experience.

      Core features.

      Employee Self Service

      The ESS is a hub for employees to go to in order to find content that crosses organizational boundaries. With built in approval workflows, employees can do everything here from requesting time off or a new training program for submitting expenses.

      Responsive Design

      Now more than ever, workers need to be able to access documents on the go, on any device. Eureka Intranet looks and works seamlessly from your PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile Devices.

      Staff Directory

      Integrates with Active Directory to display your companies’ organization structure.


      Another great way to communicate to your team for items that are not really news. A great way to replace that “All Employees” email.


      Classifieds help create an employee community by allowing users to advertise items they want or would like to sell.


      This is a great way to keep employees engaged and up to date on whats going on in your company. Optionally, you can also let employees comment, like, share and count the number of times the articles have been read.


      Keep employees up to date with company holidays, activities and events.

      Easy Links

      Allow users to easily bookmark files.

      Talk with our Intranet Experts

      Whatever you want to know about or products or services we would love to hear it from you. We are always open to discussing a new ideas or features on Eureka Intranet or any of our other products.