Smart Intranet Services

The intranet is a term used whenever the subject of internal communication and collaboration is brought up, but what is an Intranet? in its simplest form, an intranet is an internal website for your organization. Intranets increase communication within an organization by granting access to important information, links, applications and documents as well as databases…

Time Tracking

Managing Your Weekly Work

It’s 5 p.m. and you’re at the pub with your mates when suddenly you realize you forgot to do your timesheet. Do you race back to the office or get flack on Monday? Well, worry no more, with Eureka Intranet’s timesheet module that’s built into SharePoint Online you can now quickly enter your timesheet wherever…

Eureka Intranet Clock in out

Manage Time Logs the Easy Way

It’s time for you to enjoy hassle-free logging in and out at work with Eureka Intranet’s virtual attendance system. The In/Out Board is here to automatically record all your time logs, making it easier for you to monitor your attendance regularly anytime, anywhere. This online time tracking system is integrated into Eureka Intranet’s Personal Page…

Eureka Intranet Community Center

Get Connected with the Community Center

The Community Center was designed as a fun way to help drive employee engagement by allowing information to be shared quickly and easily. Choose from a variety of options to connect with people by visiting internal buy-and-sell pages or sharing places of interest. Your Community Here’s where all the action takes place, browse through different highlights of…