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Perform better, engage often, and discover new information with your team using the Eureka Intranet.

Quick Links

Use dynamic quick links to navigate to your favorite links. Read more.


Sell, buy, and donate items in the in-house marketplace. Read more.

Employee Self Service

Find content that crosses organization boundaries. Read more.

Staff Directory

Easily find employee information. Read more.

Virtual Concierge

Properly manage errands like bookings, tours, and travel requests. Read more.


Share categorized dedicated FAQs, how-tos in a dynamic way. Read more.

Page Templates

Use predefined, intuitive page templates. Read more.

Idea Hub

Allows your employees to share new ideas, like, and comment on them. Read more.


Most common, everyday forms ready for internal use. Read more.


Provide a hub where employees buy and sell products. Read more.


Manage your weekly work online. Read more.

Event Hub

Get Updates on events, training, and conferences. Read more.

Admin Tools & Analytics

Easily view your statistics, analytic trends, and more. Read more.


Showcases official company merchandise. Read more.


Improve business relationships and connect with potential customers. Read more.


Quickly find what you’re looking for. Read more.

Request Center

Choose from over 80 prebuilt forms and workflows to automate all your request. Read more.


Publish and analyze your insights quickly and easily. Read more.


Keep employees engaged and updated on company activities. Read more.

Places of Interest

Find, read, and leave reviews on various places shared within the group. Read more.