Do More With These Add-Ons

Achieve more by adding these features so that you can automate repetitive onboarding process, showcase professional care to customers, efficiently manage contracts, and virtually provide recognition.

Eureka Intranet Contract Center Addon

Contract Center

Streamline your business process by instantly reviewing, updating, and auditing all your contracts in one place.

HR Onboarding

Handle repetitive onboarding task by automating your onboarding process, saving your time, and reducing unnecessary communications.
Eureka Intranet HR Addon
Eureka Intranet IT Service Management Addon

IT Service Management

Showcase a professional approach to customer care by improving and streamlining service request ensuring service continuity and consistency.

Kudos (coming soon)

Provide recognition and feedback while building employee relationships and maintaining organizational culture.
Eureka Intranet Kudos Addon

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