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Get Connected with the Community Center

Get Connected with the Community Center

The Community Center was designed as a fun way to help drive employee engagement by allowing information to be shared quickly and easily.

Choose from a variety of options to connect with people by visiting internal buy-and-sell pages or sharing places of interest.

Your Community

Here’s where all the action takes place, browse through different highlights of the homepage to see everything that’s been going on within your group.


Marketplace is an easy way to make company apparel available. Easily list items in different categories such as Consumer Electronics, Entertainment & Hobbies, Food & Beverages, Lifestyle, Pets, Real Estate, Specialty Services, Sporting Goods, Parts and Accessories, and Vehicles.


Storefront, which is only accessed by administrative users, showcases all official company merchandise. If you want to purchase or list items complete with company logos, official branding, etc., this is the page to use.

Simply post an item with complete details like quantity, size, discount, dimension, sale price, etc.

Places of Interest 

Find places, read or leave reviews. Add comments on various places shared within your group such as hotels, restaurants, meeting places, etc.

Where We’re From

Tell people where you’re from using OpenStreetMaps or live search for hotels, suppliers, etc.

As a manager, you can use this feature to find people for logistics or company activities. Find a place in the search bar or look for people by country. 

You can also use this tool to determine who needs help in times of disasters and calamities or who needs to work on the same project in the same place.

Your Community in All Devices

For remote workers, you can use this page to find suppliers, coworkers, and local amenities on any device.

Start growing your connections with Eureka Intranet’s Community Center by clicking this link and asking for a demonstration. 

Talk with an Intranet Expert

Whatever you want to know about or products or services we would love to hear from you. We are always open to discussing new ideas or feature in Eureka Intranet or any of our other products 

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