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Manage Clients and Increase Sales with CRM

Tired of trying to get your staff to update their sales funnels or having to ask for client contact information? So we built a lightweight easy-to-use Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that sales representatives like to use. 

How do we do that? Eureka Intranet CRM automates your process, auto-populates proposals, and makes it easier to track leads and follow communication per opportunity.

The Dashboard

We tossed in a cool dashboard so it’s easy to see which tasks are due, which deals are closing, any new opportunities, and the responsible person.

Managers see the whole team overview.


View all opportunities instantly with complete details such as submission date, owner, quotation, negotiation, closed-won or lost, status, and branch office.

Create new opportunities by filling out the necessary details: opportunity owner, opportunity, stage, amount, estimator, branch office, company, and contact. 

Use the search bar to filter specific opportunities.

Tasks Screen

Manage tasks, log calls, and set reminders. Use the sorting feature to classify tasks. 


View all your professional connections in one contact list.

Click a specific contact to view their details.

Create a contact.

Company Details

Here you can go to a company and see its complete history such as call logs, emails, outstanding tasks, etc.

Seeing all of your clients’ information in one place brings new possibilities to your sales and customer services teams. With access to all of their contact history and order enquiries along with follow-up automation, you will soon see the potential increases that a well-developed CRM can add to your business.

Contact us for a demonstration or with other enquiries.

Talk with an Intranet Expert

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