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Manage Time Logs the Easy Way

It’s time for you to enjoy hassle-free logging in and out at work with Eureka Intranet’s virtual attendance system.

The In/Out Board is here to automatically record all your time logs, making it easier for you to monitor your attendance regularly anytime, anywhere.

This online time tracking system is integrated into Eureka Intranet’s Personal Page so you can easily see it along with all your other personal stuff. Click here to read more about Personal Page.

The In/Out Board helps the Human Resources (HR) personnel collect time logs for payroll, performance appraisals, or attendance incentive purposes.

How In/Out Board Works

The In/Out Board displays a Time In or Time Out button which you can use to log in and out every day. Once you’ve clocked in or out, the system immediately records your latest time logs as seen in the Recent Logs list.

Check all your time logs when you click the View all logs button.

Eureka’s In/Out Board is available online across all devices so no matter where your employees are based they can still log their time.

Modernize your business by using the simpler In/Out Board, contact us by clicking this link and asking for a quick demonstration.

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